3 Different Types of HOA Meetings in Hoover, Alabama

3 Different Types of HOA Meetings in Hoover, Alabama

Associations are responsible for managing nearly 360,000 neighborhoods in the United States. The most common is the homeowner's association (HOA), which is an organization that serves to help keep property values high and the neighborhood in order.

With so many responsibilities, running meetings correctly will help you accomplish a lot. Here are three types of HOA meetings that are part of the process.

1. HOA Committee Meetings

The HOA board is the main organization, but there are also several committees that split off for fact-finding and accomplishing a variety of goals. Committee meetings are often less formal and more open to brainstorming and research.

They are often created once the HOA board sees a need and puts certain members in charge of doing the heavy lifting. The board might appoint a committee to help garner more participation in the HOA or to research a new set of vendors that they're considering.

Active board members often gain more experience by deciding to take on committee responsibilities. If you have an HOA manager, they might be in charge of appointing these different committees.

Some committees are temporary, while others, such as planning commissions and event planners, have ongoing tasks and responsibilities.

2. HOA Board Meetings

Board meetings are where official business is handled, votes are tallied, and public comments are hard. At these meetings, the board is more likely to follow stricter meeting procedures, such as Robert's Rules of Order.

Consider the nature of your HOA community to figure out the best ways to run your board meetings. The board will hold annual HOA meetings at a minimum.

Some boards hold meetings quarterly, monthly, or multiple times per month. These meetings are advertised to the community so that more people are able to participate, and so that they know what is happening.

You need to create meeting agendas so that everyone knows what will be discussed. Running thorough and organized meetings can prompt homeowners to want to join the HOA board and leave their stamp on the community.

3. Emergency Meeting Sessions

Emergency meetings are those held outside of the typical schedule. This could be due to something that requires pressing action or a decision.

You might also hold an emergency meeting when the property has encountered some sort of damage or other setbacks. These meetings are less likely to have a thorough HOA meeting agenda, and the community will have less notice about it.

However, they are still handled with order and with the intent of accomplishing actionable goals until the next meeting.

Run Your HOA Meetings Smoothly

Learning how to run HOA meetings will help with your board and property management. Since so many properties today are run by associations, you can't go wrong learning how to conduct meetings more efficiently.

You can also run better meetings when you have the help of property managers who offer HOA services. PMI Birmingham Region can help. To schedule a consultation for our various management services, send us a message on our site or call us at 205.964.8864.