HOA Manager: Guiding Homeowners Associations Towards Excellence

HOA Manager: Guiding Homeowners Associations Towards Excellence

Homeowners associations are less common in Alabama relative to other states, with just 10% of homes situated in HOA communities.

The HOAs that are there still experience many of the same issues that communities elsewhere have. Whether it's poor common area maintenance or a lack of governance, HOAs across the country are struggling. HOA living is supposed to bring you comfort, not stress.

If your HOA isn't meeting your expectations, it's probably due to mismanagement. In this case, it's best to hire an HOA manager to dig your community out of this hole. Keep reading and we'll tell you how association management services can help turn your Hoover HOA around.

Financial Help

An HOA manager can improve your community's financial outlook. When you pay your monthly HOA fees, you shouldn't have to wonder where that money is going. Poor accounting will affect all other aspects of your HOA and result in higher fees for homeowners.

Your association manager brings professional accounting services to the table. They'll collect fees on time, make sure the books are balanced, and create sensible budgets for the year. All of this works to stabilize your community's finances.

Improved Governance

Your community's governing documents outline what homeowners can and can't do. Some HOAs have rules around allowing rentals, while others have regulations about landscaping. It's up to your HOA leaders to ensure the governing documents are being followed.

That's rarely the case, however. HOA board members are volunteer homeowners, so when they try to govern other homeowners, it can create an uncomfortable power dynamic in the community.

As a third party, association property management has no problem handing out fines and penalizing bad actors. They can also mediate arguments between homeowners to create more peace in the HOA.

Better Vendors

One of the biggest perks of HOA living is common area maintenance. Your community should be well-maintained, from the streets to the parks, to create a comfortable and safe environment.

If your HOA board doesn't prioritize vendor coordination, the community will fall into disrepair. Your association management group will bring existing vendor relationships to the community. Whether you need trash pickup or garden maintenance, they'll have the right local vendor coming ASAP.

When you have a properly maintained community, there'll be more investor interest. When you have investor interest, property values go up. Some HOAs have property values 4% higher than similar non-HOA homes.

Tactful Meetings

HOAs meet regularly to discuss important community matters. It could be amending a clause in the governing documents or discussing a new amenity. When your board can't run organized meetings, none of this will get accomplished.

HOA management companies can run successful meetings every time. They'll keep things organized and hear out all homeowners' concerns. Once meetings are complete, they can carry out the community's wishes as well.

Get the Top HOA Manager in Hoover

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what a great HOA manager can do for your struggling community. To experience all of the benefits of homeowners association management in Hoover, you need the very best - PMI Birmingham Region.

We're a comprehensive HOA management company and part of the largest HOA management group in the country. We can handle anything your HOA throws at us, so contact us today to learn more.