Roles and Responsibilities of an Community Association Manager in Hoover, AL

Roles and Responsibilities of an Community Association Manager in Hoover, AL

Roughly 10% of Alabama's homes are situated in homeowners associations.

If you're one of these homeowners, there's a good chance that you're not totally happy with how your community is run. The quality of a community association is only as good as the people leading the way. If that's an ill-equipped HOA board, you may need reinforcements.

This can come in the form of a community association manager. In today's post, we'll examine some of the responsibilities of a community manager. Keep reading and you'll see what these professionals bring to the table and how they can help your community thrive.

Accounting Services

One of the most important community association manager responsibilities is to ensure the financial health of the HOA. Homeowners pay monthly dues. These fees are combined to pay for everything the community needs, from emergency repairs to scheduled maintenance.

If you don't have a responsible professional doing the accounting, funds won't stretch as far as they should. The worst case will see your HOA raising monthly fees in an effort to cover basic expenses.

HOA management companies staff experienced accountants. Not only will these people collect HOA fees, but they'll also perform bookkeeping duties and formulate budgets. With their help, you can put your HOA back on track financially speaking.

Vendor Coordination and Management

Community association manager job requirements are wide-ranging. The most time-consuming aspect of running a community has to do with maintenance. A well-maintained community makes homeowners feel comfortable and safe.

It also helps to generate interest from new investors. The more interested investors are in the community, the higher property values will be.

Vendor coordination is at the heart of community maintenance. Your HOA manager will bring existing vendor relationships to your community. Whether you need regular trash pickup or occasional emergency repairs, the right vendor is a call away for your HOA manager.

HOA Engagement

HOA meetings bring community members together to make important decisions. The role of a community association manager is to lead these meetings and make sure all opinions are heard.

One of the more useful community association manager skills is hearing what members are saying and putting plans in place that satisfy their wants and needs. When your HOA has organized meetings, the community can direct itself to success.

Governing the Community

HOAs all have unique governing documents. These tell HOA members what they can and can't do in the community. Trying to govern a large group of homeowners with these rules can be tricky for an HOA board.

This isn't so for a community manager. Paying a community association manager salary gives you someone who can have authority over the entire HOA. They'll hand out penalties to bad actors and work to ensure a greater level of harmony in the community.

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