Spread Holiday Spirit and Cheer With HOA Holiday Decorating

Spread Holiday Spirit and Cheer With HOA Holiday Decorating

Let's be honest: gawking at a tinsel trail is something almost every Alabama native has on their wish list. That's probably true for the members of your HOA, too. It's only right to give them an extravagant display to enjoy; after all, they're paying HOA fees of up to three hundred dollars per month.

If you aren't sure which Christmas lights to buy or whether wreaths are still in fashion, don't worry. We're about to give you the rundown on HOA holiday decorating trends your neighbors will absolutely adore. Keep reading to learn how you can spruce up for the holidays without breaking your HOA rules.

Holiday Lighting

In neighborhoods where lawn decorations are prohibited, Christmas lights are the perfect substitute for traditional gnomes or reindeer. They're small enough to not be too much of an eyesore, but festive enough to put your neighbors in the holiday spirit.

Alabama's British-inspired homes look best with lights strung around the railings or wrapped around trees. Just be sure to keep the designs consistent. You can't establish a neighborhood theme if some buildings have plain white lights around their trees and others have red ones around the railings.

Winter-Themed Inflatables

Architectural guidelines and decorating rules not only limit decor options but also the hours during which decorations are permitted. If that's the case for your neighborhood, inflatables are a lifesaver. You can have big, bold decorations in full effect at night and put them away during the day.

These kinds of decorations also make life easier for people who live in communities that don't permit Christmas trees. Having an inflatable tree would align with these rules and still allow for a festive display.

You can also get inflatable snowmen, gingerbread houses, and other holiday-related decorations to complement the tree.

Stockings Stuffed With Goodies

While your holiday decor ideas can be as festive as Santa himself, they won't be complete without some holiday-themed goodies to go along with them. Stockings are a simple decoration that gives you a chance to share some yuletide cheer.

The most tasteful way to decorate is to choose stocking colors that complement, rather than match, those in your neighborhood. Neutral districts-with crisp white buildings and tan accents-will look more festive with the addition of silver stockings. Likewise, neighborhoods with bolder colors may benefit from white stockings to offset the intensity.

Your association management team can fill some stockings with candy canes and others with miniature pinecones or sugared almonds. This gives people a gift to look forward to from their HOA board.

More Low-Effort HOA Holiday Decorating Ideas

While restrictions make HOA holiday decorating difficult, they're not impossible to work around. Lighting, stockings, and inflatables can easily turn your neighborhood into a winter wonderland. And, unlike traditional holiday decor, clean-up will be easy when the season is over.

Still, decorating an entire neighborhood is a huge feat. If you want to save time hanging lights and stuffing stockings, call PMI Birmingham Region. We've been managing properties in Hoover, AL for years, so we're experts at beautifying homes while staying within property guidelines.